Readers’ responses to Beyond the Silence

“It is very well written and difficult to put down, because of both the interesting story(ies) and, on a deeper level, the excellent description of inner turmoil induced by mental health problems.

Although, we already know the ending, Chapman tells a sensitive and gripping story of Van Gogh’s relationship with his doctor; of love and loss, of sadness and alienation, and his ultimate disintegration with bipolar disorder. Intertwined is the heart rending narrative of the life of an ordinary British GP, his consultant wife, practice manager and partners.”

” I read the book on the flight over, and found it a hard-to-put-down-page-turner,a closely observed and cleverly constructed novel, running the two narratives in parallel (and interweaved).”
” The other factor I loved was the colour of the writing. I could feel, see and smell it. Thank you for leading me into a new world.”

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