Ikon – the author’s introduction

Andrew writes about Ikon ” I was walking with an old friend who has become a Roman Catholic minister. We were talking about the schism of the Western church that was the Reformation. He said to me that that divide was as nothing to the schism between the Latin and Orthodox churches that happened at the Council of Florencein 1439 – of which I knew nothing.
At the same time I had become intrigued at the way individuals appear whose religious thinking seems far ahead of their time, often to be forgotten after their death but which thinking may appear centuries later. One such example is the understanding of the nature of what it means to be religious.
Out of these two kernels came this book, a story of one man’s journey through the turbulence of the 15th century in the Near East but also a journey into his soul that had few parallels at that time but which has pertinence for us now.”

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