Andrew Chapman writes:

For twenty five years I was a GP in the Gloucestershire market town of Tewkesbury. I enjoyed the work, being convinced of the importance and special nature of general practice. I became much involved in GP education both within my practice and, more widely in the South West Region of the NHS. In 1997 I became ill in a way that meant that I had to leave medicine. After an interval or around four years I embarked on a second career as a writer. Beyond the Silence was my first book and was published as a paperback in 2010. It drew on many of my experiences as a doctor. My next book, Ikon, a historical novel set in the Near East in the fifteenth century was published in May 2012. My third book, The Leaving, was published in September 2015. In December 2019 I publish my fourth title The Rib of Adam, a historical novel set in the thirteenth Century in Southwest France.

I read extensively and I suppose my favourite writers are Sebastian Barry,  Sarah Dunant and John le Carré. In 2010 I appeared at the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

I guess that my writing  stems from a single year when I was at school. I was disgustingly precocious as a young man and completed my science A levels when I was still 16. Being too young to take up my medical school place I stayed on at school for an extra year to follow the A level course in English. This brought me into contact with a bizarrely eccentric teacher who convinced me that I could be a writer. Fifty-odd years later I have proved him right.

Elsewhere on this site you can find details of what I have been able to write in the past fifteen years.

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