Beyond the Silence – a novel

It is 1890 and the painter ……

…Vincent Van Gogh, convalescing from severe mental illness, arrives in the small village of Auvers-sur-Oise, north of Paris. There he is befriended by the local doctor, Paul Gachet, whose attempts to help the painter become more and more desperate as the story unfolds.

Over a century later another doctor, Richard Avery, comes across the portrait that Van Gogh painted of Doctor Gachet. Its effect on the modern doctor is overwhelming and devastating.

The author writes ‘during the last ten years of my medical career I heard of five GP colleagues who killed themselves. Two of them I knew personally. I was forced to ponder what it was about this vocation of doctoring which led to such a shocking mortality. Then I became ill myself and experienced how close to such destruction it was possible to get. Out of this experience the novel was born.’

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