Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (2005)

Emma Denton (cello) and the Cheltenham Symphony Orchestra under David Curtis during the first performance of Andrew Chapman’s Cello Concerto in Tewkesbury Abbey in October 2005.

(The composer can be spied between the conductor and the soloist).

This concerto was written over the course of 2003 and 2004. It is dedicated to the late Claire Shimmel and Dr Peter Agulnik who both were instrumental in rescuing me from a terrifying depressive illness. It is written in three movements and the scoring includes a vibraphone and a jazz drummer in addition to the conventional modern symphony orchestra.

This excerpt is the slow movement

This a copy of the review of Andrew Chapman’s Cello Concerto

Roger Jones of the Gloucestershire Echo wrote:

“The CSO are a fine ensemble of musicians whose talents, it seems, are       not just confined to performing. This concert included the first performance       of the Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by Andrew Chapman, one of their       leading lights. Cellist Emma Denton rose magnificently to the challenges of the dramatic and varied solo part. The frenzied opening section created a sense of occasion, but later the excitement was replaced by a tranquil sighing interlude for strings. After a searching theme on the trumpet the bustle returned leading to a striking cadenza. The reflective slow movement with its shimmering string and harp accompaniment and a quicksilver scherzo exerted a particular charm. In his ambitious third movement Chapman introduced jazz elements inspired by Thelonius Monk, but the combination of jazz with the classical idiom did not always jell. This was music of and for our age, and well deserving of further performances.





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